Antioxidant Therapy

You might need antioxidant therapy. You're not the only one - most of us do!

“If you think that with careful living you can avoid all sources of oxidative stress, think again...In fact, simply living and breathing day to day is a primary source of free radical accumulation in the body.”

- Bryce Wylde (Doctor and Nutritionist, The Antioxidant Prescription)

Our bodies produce free radicals at the rate of 1000 per cell, every hour.

Free radicals are a natural product of our metabolism, and are even created when we breathe. So we constantly need antioxidants to neutralize these unstable molecules that can cause cellular damage and are at the root of aging and all disease.

That is why our bodies constantly need antioxidants, with most coming from outside sources like foods. In nature, foods from every color of the rainbow are designed to give us the balanced spectrum of antioxidants.

In essence, we should be consuming only antioxidant foods. This makes a lot of sense, since the foods with little or no antioxidants are non-nutritious processed foods, grains, and low quality animal products.

Then why is it that 80% of the SAD (Standard American Diet) is made up of non-antioxidant foods?

Call it what you want, the truth is that the average American mostly eats processed, fake, junk and garbage food. Not a good way to treat your body. The SAD is severely lacking in antioxidant food. That is why many people need antioxidant therapy.

To add to the equation, there are more free-radical causing factors in our environment than ever before.

Since WW2, around 85 000 synthetic chemicals have been registered in the United States alone. A study in 2004 found 413 chemicals (pesticides and other pollutants) in the cord blood of newborns.

The chemicals in the environment are a major cause of free radical imbalance. Our bodies carry a toxic free radical burden from birth. The combination of this "disadvantage" we are born with, and lack of dietary antioxidants are what throws the body out of balance.

The result? Lack of energy, a state of “un-well” being, faster aging, and disease.

It is what experts are calling a health crisis. More free radicals and less antioxidants equals ill health and diminished quality of life.

Even the healthcare system is now admitting that they can’t cope with the sheer volume of unhealthy people who need help. It’s time to focus on prevention rather than waiting until it’s too late and taking such drastic measures as medication, surgery and chemo.

What is antioxidant therapy?

Antioxidant therapy is basically pumping your body full of the right antioxidants to relieve the free radical load. The more free radicals are neutralized, the more your body will be brought back to balance.

Consider that one cigarette forms 24 quadrillion free radicals (that’s not even a made up number!) That is why smoker’s skin is often more wrinkly and aged, not to mention all the health complications in later life.

But what about those of us who don’t smoke? Even living in the city with air pollution and second hand smoke is bad enough.

Other causes of free radical damage include: over-exercising, not exercising enough, sun damage, air-borne irritants from air-freshener to house paint, toxic food (from deep fried to pesticide-laden), plastics, prescription drugs and stress.

You can see the need for antioxidant therapy in our society. Even those of us who try to live a healthy lifestyle are in dire need.

If you want to start some serious antioxidant therapy, you can customize your own antioxidant plan. Start off by testing your free radical levels, with an at home testing kit.

Most people benefit greatly simply by a change of diet, which influences the mind, which in turn can lead to a total lifestyle change.

The healthier you become, then more likely you are to become stress free. Stress is one of the major contributors to our modern-day free radical burden.

Minimizing exposure to toxic chemicals is also highly important. I am not talking about nuclear waste or something, I am talking about every day hazards that we unknowingly and often purposely expose ourselves to. Besides all the plastics that are abundant in our lives, there are:

“Shampoo, shaving cream, lip gloss, hand soap, dish detergents, laundry detergents, moisturizing creams, perfumes, air fresheners, cosmetics and deodorants.

In our heart of hearts, we know these useful little additions to our daily lives start out as nasty raw materials – we just don’t like to think about it.

Dyes and pigments, rubber, the fabrics that make up our clothing, the paint on our houses, the tube of glue in the kitchen drawer – we know they started out in places with chimneys belching sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulphuric acid, carbon dioxide and dioxins.”

(from Bryce Wylde’s The Antioxidant Prescription)

Antioxidant therapy can also act as a barrier to improve your defenses against these various environmental hazards.

Test your free radicals today, and determine your individual antioxidant needs.

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