Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine Book Review

Gabriel Cousen’s book, Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, completely changed my perspective on food, eating, nutrition, and my body.

It blew my conceptions about food, life and spirituality out of the water and made me really understand the intertwined relationship between all.

Gabriel Cousens outlines the scientific perspective behind why we are literally “composting” our bodies with the foods that we eat.

Compost, exposed to oxygen (just like oxygen free radicals in the body), rots and deteriorates into nothing but dirt.

This is akin to the aging process.

But the good news is we can stop it by eating live food that won’t “ferment” our cells!

Gabriel Cousens explains how. He goes over how to develop the best live vegetarian diet for yourself, according to different “types”. Depending on your blood type, oxidizer system, and even Ayurvedic constitution, you will need an individualized nutrition plan.

He writes about the importance of Organic and Vegan gardening, the spiritual side of eating, calorie restriction, cooked vs. Raw, phytonutrients, enzymes, energy and more. Dr Cousens touches on everything about the way our body reacts to what we feed it.

And that’s only half of the book!

The other half is an astounding collection of gourmet live recipes formulated by the Tree of Life Cafe chefs.

Even though I had been eating live and raw food prior to reading this book, I had never tasted any food so delicious that I could eat as much as I wanted of. Not only did it completely satisfy my nutritional needs, it made me feel alive and full of energy (instead of weighed down or “stuffed”).

Snacks, salads, appetizers, entrees, desserts, milks, drinks, fermented foods (full of probiotics) and even baby foods are all among the collection of 250 recipes.

This isn’t just a “diet” book, or a “recipe” book. Gabriel Cousens outlines all the points about the way we are eating and living, and he offers up the solution. Everyone is accommodated in this book, from students of nutrition, to those who seek the optimal diet, to those who care about their impact on the environment and want the best solution for the planet.

Praise for Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine

"Gabriel Cousens, M.D., has once again contributed to the much-needed re-education of humanity. The research and practical advice, along with the recipes from the Tree of Life Cafe in Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, help people awaken to a new understanding and regain control of their internal environment."

- Christopher Yashpal Jayne, N.D., Homeopathic and Naturopathic Physician

"Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine describes the holistic healing process of biological alchemy. It is a gift for us in how to live in these biologically toxic times."

- Richard Harvey and Mary Huston, Directors of Life Works

"Gabriel Cousens, M.D., presents a stunning synthesis of the importance of 'biological terrain.' The health knowledge technologies, guiding health principles, and culinary wisdom found in Rainbow Gren Live-Food Cuisine are destined to propel the reader to new experiential heights."

- Eliot Jay Rosen, QCSW,CNC, Psychotherapist and Author

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